Mr Wu

Mr Wu


Name: Mr. Wu
Diagnosis: Cavernous malformation in left temporoparietal region
D.O.B: 01 января 1965
Gender: Male

Treatment: Left temporoparietal craniotomy with lesion resection, under a general anesthesia


Mr. Wu, a 45-year-old male patient from China, was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital, due to physical dysfunction of the right arm and leg for six months duration, and one epileptic seizure per month.

Medical condition before neurosurgery

Mr. Wu experienced a progressive dysfunction of the right limbs from over the six months preceding admission. He recently had begun to suffer Grand Mal seizures monthly, accompanied with frothy sputum from his mouth.

The Grand Mal seizures lasted for 4 - 6 minutes, and then dissipated. He had not received any specific systemic treatment prior to coming to Tiantan Puhua International Hospital.

Upon arrival, the patient was alert. The muscle tone of all of his limbs was normal. He had less strength in his right upper and lower extremities, relative to his left side. Pathological reflexes were present on the right side of his body.

A cerebral MRI revealed that there was a space-occupying lesion in the left temporo-parietal region, with a clear margin. No obvious edema was apparent. A vascular (cavernous) malformation was considered a strong possibility.

Neurosurgical approach

The surgical procedure was a Left temporo-parietal craniotomy with lesion resection, under a general anesthesia. The procedure took approximately three hours and the lesion was removed in toto (completely).

Medical condition after neurosurgery

After the procedure, he recovered well. There were postoperative complications. He was prescribed with the anti-epileptic/anticonvulsant drug (Sodium Valproate) Post surgery he had no repeat occurrence of the seizures he had experienced before coming to the hospital. He was discharged, and his sutures were removed ten days post surgery.

Follow Up

Eight months later, a repeat cerebral MRI revealed no residual tumor. Patient Wu now had regained normal movements of all of his extremities. Strength of all limbs came back to normal level, and Patient Wu’s seizure disorder was cured by his surgery.

Pre surgery scan


Post surgery scan






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