Stem cell treatment for MS

Stem cell treatment for MS


Name: Michael Scott
Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis
D.O.B: 04 ноября 1958
Gender: Male
Country: Australia

Treatment: Stem Cell Treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and physical therapy


Mr. Scott is a 55-year-old male admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital in December of 2014 due to a “walking disorder’ for the previous 9 years, which was diagnosed as multiple sclerosis.

Medical Condition before Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

The patient was unable speak loud and clear. Muscular tension was increased on the left side. He felt “numb” in his left hand. Slight edema was noted in left leg. Activity was limited in arms and legs. Alternate motion test was deemed “clumsy” in left arm. A shuffle was noted in his gait. * Skin temperature was low in the legs. Skin color was blue, and it became worse when legs droop.

Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, including: treatment to improve neural function, promote cerebral blood circulation and metabolism, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and rehabilitation therapy.

Physical condition after Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

The patient’s general condition is improving. He is able to speak with greater tone and volume. Muscle tension in left side is improving. Numbness of the left hand is diminishing. The limbs are more flexible and muscle strength is improving. Walking and balance are improving. The shuffling gait is diminishing. Skin temperature and skin color in lower limbs are improved, with resolution of edema in the left leg.

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