Mr. Xu

Mr. Xu


Name: Mr. Xu
Diagnosis: obstruction of the meridian points by phlegm
D.O.B: 01 января 1975
Gender: Male
Country: China

Treatment: Body and electric acupuncture


Mr. Xu, a 38-year-old male patient from China, suffered an obstruction of his meridian points by phlegm three days after an operation removing an intracranial cavernous hemangioma.

Medical condition before TCM Treatment

His right upper limb was weak, at a grade-one level. The strength and grip of Patient Xu’s right hand was weak. His middle and ring fingers could only open half way. He was able to stand up and he was also able to walk slowly over short distances. Walking caused slight perspiration of the upper body. His speech was slow.

Patient Xu’s tongue was red and light purple, with a white thick greasy coating. His pulse was wiry in the left side, while smooth in the right side.

TCM Treatment

Body and electrical acupuncture

Medical condition after TCM Treatment

After the TCM treatment, the weakness of Patient Xu’s right upper limb was greatly improved, from a grade one to a grade four, after one week of treatment. He gained more flexibility with the movements of his right upper limb. He was prescribed one month’s supply of Traditional Chinese Medicine to smooth and activate his meridian, and to dissipate phlegm.He was soon discharged and sent home to rest.

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