Mrs. Liu

Mrs. Liu


Name: Mrs. Liu
Diagnosis: deficiency of yin, with meridian obstruction
D.O.B: 01 января 1960
Gender: Female
Country: China

Treatment: Acupuncture treatments of the body and the head


Mrs. Liu, a 53-year-old female patient from China, was suffering from deficiency of yin, with meridian obstruction five days after neurosurgery for Syringomyelia Decompression.

Medical condition before TCM Treatment

The patient experienced a persistent bursting and unbearable headache. The degree of the headache was 9 – 10 on a 1-10 scale, including a feeling of numbness. There was also pain in her right arm. Her stool was very dry and it was the only stool she was able to discharge after her surgery. She suffered from insomnia. She experienced a geographic tongue, red and dry, with yellow thick tongue coating at the center. Her heart pulse and lung pulse/respiration were thin and weak. Her heart pulse was wiry and with a strong spleen pulse. She also suffered from Type-2 Diabetes. Her blood glucose remained high, even though she had taken Xiao Kewan medication.

TCM Treatment

Acupuncture treatments of the body and the head.

Medical condition after TCM Treatment

Three days post TCM treatment, Patient Liu’s headache was significantly relieved. The pain in her right arm had disappeared. The problem of her stool was relieved. Her blood glucose level was significantly lower. Her sleep pattern and quality had returned to normal.

Her tongue was pale and slightly red, with little tongue coating. The pulse of heart and lung was thin and wiry, while the wiry and strong pulse of spleen had disappeared. She was prescribed Traditional Chinese Medicine for two weeks to consolidate the curative effect, and was discharged.

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