Mrs. Wang

Mrs. Wang


Name: Mrs. Wang
Diagnosis: infermaty of qi and blood
D.O.B: 01 января 1965
Gender: Male
Country: China

Treatment: Ear and body acupuncture, herbal broth


Mrs. Wang, a 45-year-old female patient from China, suffered infirmity of qi and blood two days following an operation for cerebral glioma.

The strength of her left limbs was decreased. Her speech was slow and she suffered from insomnia. She felt sweaty and her face was pale. She had a poor appetite. Her tongue was pink, with thin white tongue coating. Her pulse was weak.

TCM Treatment

-Ear and body acupuncture, including electric ear acupuncture
-Chinese medicinal broth treatment

Medical condition after TCM treatment

All of her symptoms resolved five days after treatment. Patient Wang recovered completely and was discharged from the hospital seven days after TCM treatment.

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